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In Bronston Cafe, You are tasked to cook, upgrade and sell food to fulfill the orders. Take note that this is a hard puzzle. You’ll need to figure out a good strategy to combine items, manage the money, fill the orders and not get lucky in order to win. Green numbers on dishes indicate prices. Green number on top is your current money. You buy the food from the Kitchen and sell it from Stock. Every time you fulfill an Order, the next one will be one Tier up. The goal of the game is to fulfill any Tier 4 Order. You can make Tier 2 dish by combining three of the same Tier 1 dishes.
You can make Tier 3 dish by combining three of the same Tier 2 dishes. You can make Tier 4 dish by combining three of the same Tier 3 dishes. You can make Tier 5 dish by combining three of the same Tier 4 dishes. (Although, why would anyone ever do that?)

Tip: it is a good idea to buy pairs of dishes even if they are not in your Orders. If you get the third one, you can combine them into Tier 2 and sell it for profit.
Tip: if your Stock is full, you can still buy one dish if it could be immediately combined into a higher-tier one.

Toegevoegd 04 Sep 2020
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