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Blonde Sofia: Tteokbokki Fever

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Details van het spel

In "Blonde Sofia Tteokbokki Fever," part of the Blonde Sofia game series, join Sofia in her latest culinary adventure! Sofia, a blonde enthusiast of Korean cuisine, is craving Tteokbokki, a spicy and savory Korean rice cake dish. Your mission is to assist Sofia in preparing this iconic dish step-by-step: from selecting the freshest ingredients to cooking them to perfection in a sizzling pot.

Once the Tteokbokki is ready, unleash your creativity by garnishing and plating the dish beautifully. Arrange the rice cakes and sauce in an enticing presentation that would make any foodie's mouth water!

But the fun doesn't stop there – after mastering the art of Tteokbokki, dress Sofia up in cute Korean attire. Choose from a stunning array of colorful clothes and accessories to transform Sofia into a stylish Korean cook.

Explore the vibrant world of Korean cuisine through Sofia's eyes in "Blonde Sofia Tteokbokki Fever," where cooking meets fashion in a deliciously exciting fusion!

Ontwikkelaar: Y8 Studio
Toegevoegd 18 Jun 2024
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