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Welcome to the hostile world of Badland!

The game, which has been unanimously acclaimed by the critics, is an epic sidescroller that will amaze you with its sumptuous backgrounds, lighting effects and Shadow Play style.
The sweet sound environment really gives the impression of evolving in an environment that is both mechanical and organic.

But the game will also put your nerves to the test because it is also about a "die and retry" ... And, to die, you will do it many, many times, as certain passages and levels can turn out to be vicious.

First alone, your cute furry flying creature will regularly multiply via bonuses and you will often have to lead a veritable swarm of clones on the screen.
Not easy, especially since the traps are numerous and you will therefore not be able to save everyone... It will therefore be necessary to accept to make sacrifices and if only one creature manages to reach the end of the level, it is validated.

Be careful however with the scrolling which scrolls at variable speeds and which does not hesitate to devour all the clones which have the misfortune to dawdle a little bit.

Toegevoegd 21 Dec 2018
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