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We’re All Leaving - A Short Journey in Amsterdam

46.3 MB Toegevoegd op 09 feb 2017 701 keer bekeken
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A short follow up to my previous video, Living Off Your Memories. This was shot during the same trip, but when I was spending a few days with some friends in Amsterdam. This is just a collection of moments that captured the mood from my perspective. Amsterdam is my favorite city in the world, and this video doesn't do it justice. The next time I visit I'll try to capture a more fitting tribute to that beautiful little city.
Again, I hadn't packed by 5D, and instead took my Leica T, which is a great photo camera but not a great video shooter, so the rolling shutter / 30 fps / home video look isn't my preferred look.
Camera: Leica T
Lenses: Leica M Summicron 35 (beautiful lens), Leica 18-55 T Lens, Voigtalnder 15mm (great for photos, terrible for video)
Editing: iMovie
Color Correction: Cineblur through Adobe Premiere
Music: We're All Leaving by Arcade Fire

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