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This short was the result of a macro film, by the amazing Philip Bloom, Richard Wilson showed me. After a couple of hours digging through my loft, I uncovered a sewing machine. It was decrepit and forgotten. Once the everyday tool of a young maiden (my great Grandma), stitching her way through the early 20th century. The appeal of the machine was that it was obvious that it used to be a thing of beauty. However over the years the spiders webs and rust had taken its toll. And so I restored it, like a nun restoring the Mother Superior's knitting needles. Anyway, the main reason I chose this object was not just it's beauty. It was also the fact that this object was forgotten. I felt so happy to have brought it back and I really hope you enjoy this short. And remember, always shoot twice when getting rid of your pantomime cow cast.
A special thank you to Richard Wilson for assisting me in all aspects of the shooting and production of the film. Also to Jack Hobbs for his beautiful cranking skills on Sabine (not an innuendo). I named the machine. She is Sabine. For a long time, she was not seen. But now she is the star of this scene.
Equipment Used:
. Canon 60D
. Canon 100mm f/2.8 L lens
. FInal Cut Pro
. Dedo Spotlights

Toegevoegd 12 Feb 2017