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BiDomi is a unique and attractive puzzle game, in which you have to use the simple drag and drop gameplay, but need to think to guess the path of the ball to place the appropriate object accurately. You will admire the realistic 3D graphics, simulating the iron, glass and iron bars in reality. You will also relax with the gentle background music, combined with the sound of xylophone when the ball collides with the object. The game has many diverse and creative levels, from easy ones to hard ones that require logic to pass. The game BiDomi is an interesting puzzle game, bringing you moments of entertainment and brain training. You will discover new and attractive puzzles, requiring you to think and observe carefully to find a solution. You will also enjoy the beautiful and vivid images, creating funny sound effects when the ball collides with the object. The game has different levels of difficulty, from easy level for beginners to hard level for professional players. The game not only brings you joy and comfort, but also helps you develop your thinking, dexterity and logic skills. Try the game BiDomi today and see how many puzzles you can complete! Enjoy playing this ball puzzle game here at!

Categorie: Denkspellen
Toegevoegd 13 Sep 2023