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We are crowdfunding to share a unique, accessible 3D digital modelling experience which offers the capability to produce and create distinctive 3 dimensional forms and utilise 3D printing technology to produce the objects created.
Our company Anarkik3D has developed 'Cloud9' software which enables designer makers to more easily design and model in 3 dimensions. What is really special is using a 3D haptic device to give the capability to touch and feel not only all around the object but also the process of constructing and modelling.
The tricky problem facing Anarkik3D is getting across the concepts of multiple technologies because even if you "get" 3D printing and 3D designing, we still have to get across what haptics is, the concept of touching a virtual object.and why haptics is a useful and non-intimidating technology for easier 3D modelling.
We are crowdfunding as we need funds to enable us to be continue to get out there and on show giving hands-on demos to both expand awareness and to promote the creative experience that is now possible.

Toegevoegd 13 May 2017
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