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Miles introduces his new 1/3 scale voice activated RC Dalek to the rest of the family. The Dalek has heat and motion sensors which enable it to make out not just moving objects, but living beings too. It can respond to a multitude of vocal commands and can also be left alone to act autonomously (although, given that it's a big bastard, I don't advise this if you have skirting boards, children or small pets - these Daleks can get pretty aggressive if left to their own means.)
The Dalek can be programmed to follow you, act as a room sentry, attack moving objects or search its data banks for information on specific DOCTOR WHO-related trivia. If it all gets too much for you, there's always the option to tell the Dalek to 'power down', and a short press on a 'Dalek bump' allows you to take over with the supplied radio controller.
It's a great toy.

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